This is a revolution. We are changing the world.

Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” The world needs to be moved. We don’t need to look far to see examples of people hurting each other with their tragic expressions of their unmet needs for connection. What else are stealing, rape, war, domestic abuse, workplace transgressions, corporate greed, and environmental destruction if not desperate and misguided efforts to get legitimate needs met?

Let’s change the world. What if we start the revolution with you and me? What if we start right here and learn better strategies to meet our needs for connection? What sort of a world do you want to live in? One with consent and empowerment? One with people standing for and in their values while standing in relationship to one another and the bigger context? One where people show up as themselves – no masks or armor – and they are welcomed and loved? Me too.

Your body is the place to stand. Your values are your place to stand. Your heart and your desires are your place to stand. The Loneliness Cure is the lever. Standing in your own body, in your own values, in your own life and applying these practices will let you move the world, will let you change the world.

To create and grow into a world that feels safe, nurturing, powerful, and empowering to you. That’s the invitation I’ve giving you right now. Open into your excitement. Choose how you want to engage. Trust your body. And perhaps find that you’re holding in your hands the lever that, when you apply it in your life, allows you to change the world.

I invite you to notice the nervousness you have about reaching out to me about the Loneliness Cure. Notice that your mind has the power to color the experience of your body. You can welcome and sit with that nervousness (or is it excitement?) and take it as an indication that this matters to you. You might not know what it is yet. You might not know what is here for you. It could change your life. It could enrich the life you already have. It could be huge. Worst case scenario – you have the opportunity to enjoy some quality touch, listening, and relaxation. You’ll get better acquainted with yourself and get to practice saying yes and saying no. Best case scenario, you find in your hands – in your body, heart, and mind – the lever that allows you to move the world. All you have to do is reach for it.

Family Friendly Summer Cuddle Events – Community Cuddles

It’s summer time and the kids are out of school, temperatures are heating up, pools are open. And cuddling? Cuddling gets more creative.  Yesterday we had our second Family Friendly Summer Cuddle Event of 2018.

Thanks to all who came yesterday. We had 15 people including one empowered young person, 7 people who came to Community Cuddles for the first time, and a bunch of us who know what we’re getting into and keep coming back. I appreciate your courage, vulnerability, and commitment to connection!
Rain forecast again? Then we’ll move inside for the July Family Friendly Cuddle.
In June we met at North Boulder Park and had a lovely time warming up with juggling and face/arm painting before the Welcome Circle started. Snacks are always potluck and this time we had chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies (thanks mom!), parmesan crisps, croissants, and popcorn.  The rain came in rather suddenly but we could have made a run for it. Instead, we put the highly water-averse things in the car and nestled down with each other. It was so fun to cuddle in the rain.
June’s Family Friendly Cuddle in the Park. About half of us stayed to cuddle in the rain. A new experience and a lot of fun.

In August, the group cuddling will be at Arise Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO. We’ll be back in Boulder for September. See you then!

About Community Cuddles – We are a grass-roots group out to change the world by creating cultures of trust and cuddling. We host events that are open to everyone and include elements of touch, consent, and communication. Our focus is on respect and choice. We create a safe space to experiment with asking for what you want and setting and keeping clear and authentic boundaries. Find us on Meetup and Facebook  or join our mailing list (form below) for email updates. Our signature event is the Group Cuddle Event. We’ve been hosting these about once a month since January 2017.

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